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Pyrolysis Gas Sampler

The  Py-Gas  was  developed  to  sample  a reactive  pyrolysis  gas  online  without  the problems  associated  with conventional sampling systems which tend to plug rapidly, suffer from a high degree of unreliability, and require extensive and frequent maintenance.

Designed to drop out condensable and wash them back into the process together with any solids, this self-cleaning unit provides a saturated, cooled and representative sample for the required measurement.

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Water cooling type Sample Cooler

  • Double helical coil design
  • Minimize cooling water needs
  • Wide variety of exotic alloys for corrosion resistance
  • Formed shell eliminates top shell flange weld interfaces
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
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Cyclone Element Type Filter

The Cyclone filter’s unique design provides an unsurpassed combination of rapid response, minimum dead volume and high filtration efficiency. Using the proven bypass design, a large sample flow is brought to the filter so the sample transport lag time is minimized.

Only that portion of the sample needed for the process analyzer passes through the filter element. In this manner, low filtration rates and rapid responses at achieved.

Careful flow design causes the unfiltered portion of the sample to sweep the filter element’s surface to greatly extend the element’s life. With the simple installation of a pipe plug in the bypass port, the Cyclone bypass filter can be converted to a line filter.

NOx Converter

NOx converter is designed to convert NO2 to NO in a extracted flue gas sample for analysis by an emissions analyzer

This converter is operates at high temperature. Its high flow design is suitable for use with infrared NO analyzers.

It has a converter temperature indicator and a 3U high 19″ rack mounting case.

This converter offers a efficiency of about 90%.

Heated Sample Probe

Sample gas probes form a critical point between process and analysis system.

The probes extract sample gas from the process stream and supply it to the analysis system.

They should already remove undesirable particulates at the sampling point and avoid cold spots thus preventing false measurements

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Electric Sample Cooler

The ECD-250 Sample Cooler is our high capacity thermoelectric coolers.

Providing a self-regulated 4.0°C dew point gas sample, condense the water from a wet gas sample with a minimal loss of the water soluble gas fraction.

This results from the unique design of the heat exchangers.

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Moisutre Removal Unit

MOISTURE REMOVAL UNIT is VORTEX TYPE GAS COOLER used with gas analyzers installed in the industrial process by removing of water in the sample gas, and removing water

The water vapor contained in the sample gas reached at the knock-out port is condensed and the remaining water vapor will be condensed at multi tube type

Heat exchanger by vortex cooler using instrument air at the controlled temperature of below minus 4℃ of dew point temperature.