SWAS (Steam and water analysis system)

Corrosion and erosion are major concerns in thermal power plants operating on steam. The steam reaching the turbines need to be ultra-pure and hence needs to be monitored for its quality. A well designed Steam and Water Analysis system (SWAS) can help in monitoring the critical parameters in the steam. These parameters include pH, conductivity, silica, sodium, dissolved oxygen, phosphate and chlorides. A well designed SWAS must ensure that the sample is representative till the point of analysis.

Deungju has a high degree of specialization, presenting itself as one of the most competitive companies at international level, since in addition to its own experience.

Deungju installs in its SWAS the all kind of analyzers available for users after conducting a thorough experience, to provide our customers with the most advanced systems, while facilitating maintenance, preventive and corrective.

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